Extra Curricula Learning

Thomas Chirnside Primary School
provides a camping program for
all students in Years 3 – 6.


Year 3 to 6 students have a unique opportunity to enhance their schooling experience by attending specifically designed camps that focus on developing important skills such as; independence; responsibility; leadership sand teamwork skills; responsibility; decision making, lateral thinking; and, water safety. Over the past few years our students have been able to attend a Surf Camp at Lorne; a Summer Camp at Queenscliff; and an Urban Camp in Melbourne City.

Surf Camp

The Curriculum in Victorian Schools includes leaning opportunities for students to: build their confidence and abilities in the water; increase their knowledge of water safety; and, to perform survival techniques. The camp activities were carefully planned to build on the skills and knowledge of individual students and to cater for all ability levels. Students in Year 6 are eligible to receive their Surf Legends Certificate on completion of the course.

Urban Camp

Staying in Melbourne gives students the opportunity to develop knowledge about the history of Victoria and see some of the unique attractions in the city. Students also develop independence, responsibility for possessions, an understanding of public transport and timetables for tram and train travel.