Physical Education & Sport

Thomas Chirnside prides itself on a
Health and Physical Education
program that caters for individual
needs. We host whole school events
for Athletics, Swimming, and Cross


Our Health & P.E curriculum encourages students to develop a positive attitude towards health and fitness through engagement in skills, games, and cooperative learning, while acquiring essential fine and gross motor skills.

Allowing all of our students an opportunity to succeed in an encouraging environment. Our 5/6 students excel in the Wyndham Interschool Division in a range of sports, in both Summer and Winter competitions.


At Thomas Chirnside Primary School, students in Years 3 - 6 participate in a diverse sporting program that consists of both interschool sport and Victorian Primary Schools Sports Association (VPSSA) competitions. The Sports program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to refine their game play, encourage positive sporting behaviour and enables students to represent the school in a variety of sports at a District, Regional and State level.

  • Sports offered at Thomas Chirnside Primary School include:
  • Basketball Victoria Hoop Time competition;
  • District Athletics;
  • Swimming and Cross Country carnivals within the VPSSA structure;
  • Annual Werribee Schools Lightning Premiership carnival;
  • Interschool Sports Summer Competition (Basketball, Cricket, Softball, Bat Tennis and Volleyball);
  • Interschool Sports Winter Competition (Netball, AFL, Soccer, T-ball and Hockey);
  • House Competitions are held for Athletics and Cross-Country.

Physical Education

The major focus of the Physical Education program at Thomas Chirnside Primary School is to encourage every student to participate in all skill and game based activities to improve technique and to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Students in Years F-2 focus primarily on Fundamental Motor Skills. They learn the basic skills required to perform and execute a range of games and sports in both an individual and a team environment. There is a strong focus to develop spatial awareness, problem solving, strategic thinking and decision-making skills for students of all abilities.

For students in Years 3-6 a high emphasis is placed on co-operative learning and team based activities. Students focus on Major Games where they learn the rules, skills and equipment required to participate in a variety of sports. We complete valuable drills both individually and in teams allowing them to gain an understanding of the importance of teamwork, communication and decision-making.

Students also undertake a variety of fitness tests throughout the year, which allows for goal setting and regular monitoring by students of their individual performances.


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